The Next Three Days (2010)
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The Next Three Days

Lara Brennan is wrongly convicted of murdering her boss and is sentenced to life in prison. Her young son Luke ceases to acknowledge her during prison visits. Following the failure of her appeal, her attorney balks at her acquittal. Lara attempts suicide and her husband John becomes obsessed with breaking her out of prison.
John consults Damon Pennington, a former inmate who wrote a book on escaping prison. Following Damon's advice, John prepares to break his wife out. He studies escape routes, prison routines and buys a handgun. Struggling to obtain fake IDs, he loses much of his money. He sells his furniture and belongings. John is almost caught testing a bump key inside Lara's current jail.

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Russell Crowe
role : John Brennan
Elizabeth Banks
role : Lara Brennan
Jason Beghe
role : Detective Quinn
Aisha Hinds
role : Detective Collero
Olivia Wilde
role : Nicole



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