Cop Out (2010)
00 minute | Action
added to catalog : 14.11.2019

Cop Out

The story of two old teammates - New York policemen, busy looking for a very rare and damn expensive baseball card stolen from one of them. They are forced to confront the ruthless gangster, just obsessed with collectibles.
Jimmy, who had been working in the police all his life, pinned all his hopes on the missing card, since only with the help of it could he pay for his daughter’s upcoming wedding, and Paul, his so-called “partner in the fight against crime”, is so fixated on his alleged infidelity wife, that it is becoming difficult for him to track the loss.

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Bruce Willis
role : Jimmy
Tracy Morgan
role : Paul
Adam Brody
role : Barry Mangold
Kevin Pollak
role : Hunsaker
Guillermo Díaz
role : Poh Boy



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