3 Days to Kill (2014)
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3 Days to Kill

Experienced CIA agent Ethan Renner (Kevin Costner), originally from Pittsburgh, works with a team to capture the Albino, lieutenant to an arms trafficker called the Wolf, as he is selling a dirty bomb to some terrorists in a hotel in Belgrade.[6] The Albino deduces the trap when he recognizes one of the agents (dressed as a chambermaid), whom he kills. Renner, suddenly dizzy as he pursues the Albino, only manages to cripple him by shooting him in the leg, then has a blackout, allowing the Albino to escape. Meanwhile, elite CIA assassin Vivi Delay (Amber Heard), a "Top Shelf agent", has been personally assigned by the Director to kill the Wolf. Vivi monitors the operation and suspects Renner has unknowingly seen the Wolf.

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Kevin Costner
role : Ethan Renner
Amber Heard
role : Vivi Delay
Hailee Steinfeld
role : Zooey Renner
Connie Nielsen
role : Christine Renner
Tómas Lemarquis
role : The Albino



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