I Am Legend (2007)
00 minute | Fantasy
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I Am Legend

In 2009, a genetically re-engineered measles virus, originally created as a cure for cancer, turns lethal. The virus kills 90% (5.4 billion out of 6 billion) of the world’s population, turns 9.8% (588 million) into predatory, vampiricmutants, called Darkseekers, who are extremely vulnerable to sunlight, who kill most of the remaining 0.2% (12 million) who were immune to the virus. Three years after the outbreak, US Army virologist Lt Col Robert Neville lives an isolated life in the deserted ruins of Manhattan, unsure if any other uninfected humans are left in the world.
Neville's daily routine includes experimentation on infected rats to find a cure to the virus and searching for food and supplies, as well as waiting each day for any immune humans who might respond to his continuous recorded radio broadcasts, which instruct them to meet him at midday at the South Street Seaport

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Will Smith
role : Robert Neville
Alice Braga
role : Anna
Charlie Tahan
role : Ethan
Salli Richardson-Whitfield
role : Zoe Neville
Willow Smith
role : Marley Neville



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