Suburbicon (2017)
00 minute | Triller
added to catalog : 18.12.2019


In 1959, the peaceful, all-white neighborhood of Suburbicon is shaken up by the arrival of an African-American family, the Mayers. Gardner Lodge, a mild-mannered family man, lives with his paraplegic wife Rose, their son Nicky and Rose's sister Margaret in Suburbicon. One night, two robbers, Sloan and Louis, break into the Lodge family home, tie the entire family up and kill Rose with an overdose of chloroform. Margaret moves in to help take care of Nicky. Soon after her sister's death, Margaret begins to transform herself into Rose, dyeing her hair blonde and having sex with Gardner.

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Matt Damon
role : Gardner
Julianne Moore
role : Rose / Margaret
Oscar Isaac
role : Bud Cooper
Noah Jupe
role : Nicky
Glenn Fleshler
role : Sloan



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