Mother's Day (2016)
00 minute | Animation
added to catalog : 31.05.2020

Mother's Day

As Mother's Day nears, a group of seemingly-unconnected people in Atlanta come to terms with their relationships with their mothers. Sandy is a divorced mother of two boys whose ex-husband, Henry has recently remarried a younger woman, Tina. Sandy is still getting used to this when she meets Bradley, a former marine, in the supermarket. Bradley's wife Dana, a Marine Lieutenant, has recently died, leaving him with their two daughters and missing her terribly. Miranda is an accomplished author who gave up her only child Kristin for adoption at birth; as the adult Kristin has her own daughter and mulls over marrying the father, she contemplates the missing part in her life and her friend Jesse encourages her to search for her birthmother. Jesse and her sister Gabi have their own issues with their parents, who they feel are too racist and homophobic to be in their lives: Jesse married and had a son with an Indian-American and Gabi married her girlfriend Max and adopted her son. They're surprised when their parents suddenly show up, and plenty of catching-up is in order.

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Jennifer Aniston
role : Sandy
Julia Roberts
role : Miranda Collins
Kate Hudson
role : Jesse



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