At Eternity's Gate (2018)
00 minute | Historical
added to catalog : 13.05.2020

At Eternity's Gate

Vincent seems to always be in artistic and emotional exhaustion. He is occasionally arrested by his aesthetic responses to the landscapes around Arles which results in his rendering them either in oil or in a sketch pad. In Arles he finds a room in a yellow house. Vincent begins to contemplate the fleeting nature of some subjects of still life. He thinks about seasonal flowers, and the artistic process which renders a permanent and eternal quality to the representation of flowers on the canvas which do not wilt and wither.

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Willem Dafoe
role : Vincent van Gogh
Oscar Isaac
role : Paul Gauguin
Mads Mikkelsen
role : Priest
Rupert Friend
role : Theo van Gogh
Mathieu Amalric
role : Doctor Paul Gachet
Emmanuelle Seigner
role : Md Ginoux



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