Life as We Know It (2010)
00 minute | Melodrama
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Life as We Know It

Holly Berenson is the owner of a small Atlanta bakery, and Eric Messer is a promising television technical sports director for the Atlanta Hawks. Their best friends, Peter and Alison, set them up on a blind date that goes horribly wrong, and results in both hating each other with a passion. As the years go by, Peter and Alison get married, have a baby girl named Sophie, and select Holly and Messer – who teasingly tolerate each other – as the godparents.

Shortly after Sophie's first birthday, Peter and Alison are killed in a car crash. Holly and Messer learn that their friends named them Sophie's joint guardians. Holly and Messer put their differences aside and move into Sophie's home.

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Josh Duhamel
role : Eric Messer
Katherine Heigl
role : Holly Berenson
Josh Lucas
role : Sam
Hayes MacArthur
role : Peter Novak
Christina Hendricks
role : Alison Novak



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