Bombshell (2019)
00 minute | Drama
added to catalog : 21.01.2020


Roger Ailes heads Fox News, the top conservative TV news show. The film focuses on newscasters Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson and Kayla Pospisil. Kelly is one of the most popular and is to co-moderate the 2016 Republican debate. The day of the debate, sick and throwing up, she nevertheless questions Donald Trump on comments he has made about women. In retaliation, he tweets insults about her, and others follow suit. One reporter sneaks into Kelly's home to photograph her daughter, prompting Kelly's husband, Douglas, to kick the intruder out. Fox then hires a security detail for Kelly. Ailes fears someone poisoned her the day of the debate.

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Charlize Theron
role : Megyn Kelly
Nicole Kidman
role : Gretchen Carlson
Margot Robbie
role : Kayla Pospisil
John Lithgow
role : Roger Ailes
Allison Janney
role : Susan Estrich



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