Life of Pi (2012)
00 minute | Drama
added to catalog : 04.12.2019

Life of Pi

This is the story of the son of the owner of an Indian zoo, a boy named Pi. He learns the world, learns to uphold his principles, seeks his own path to God, living according to the canons of three faiths, falls in love ... But by the will of fate his family is forced to emigrate. Halfway between India and Canada, the ship crashes, and Pi remains in the boat along with a Bengal tiger, hyena, zebra and orangutan. Around the vast expanse of water, and ahead - the unknown ...

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Suraj Sharma
role : Pi Patel
Irfan Khan
role : Adult Pi Patel
Ayush Tandon
role : Pi Patel (11-12 Years)
Gautam Belur
role : Pi Patel (5 Years)
Adil Hussain
role : Santosh Patel



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