Prisoners (2013)
00 minute | Triller
added to catalog : 27.12.2019


In suburban Pennsylvania, Keller Dover, his wife Grace, their teenage son Ralph, and young daughter Anna attend a Thanksgiving dinner at the home of their friends, Franklin Birch, his wife Nancy, their teenage daughter Eliza, and young daughter Joy. The four children go for a walk and approach an RV parked nearby. After dinner, Anna and Joy go missing. The RV is found at the edge of a wood, and Detective Loki arrests the driver, Alex Jones. Alex has the IQ of a child and not cognitively able to pull off the kidnapping. Forensics finds nothing no evidence of a struggle or the girls in the RV. Pursuing other leads, Loki discovers a male corpse in the basement of Patrick Dunn, a convicted pedophile priest.

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Hugh Jackman
role : Keller Dover
Jake Gyllenhaal
role : Detective Loki
Viola Davis
role : Nancy Birch
Maria Bello
role : Grace Dover
Terrence Howard
role : Franklin Birch



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